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Information for our customers

14 February 2018

Dear customer,

The last months we have seen a deterioration of handling of our barges at the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. These delays are worsening and despite discussions with various parties in these ports and terminals we see no real solutions coming up.
The delays also often appear during the weekend or during the night at which time we are unable to reach our customers to be able to make a proper decision. The delays not only cause waiting times/costs but also has a negative impact on our sailing schedule, endangering also the next week’s deadlines of your cargo.
As a result of the above delays we will implement following procedure with immedeate effect:
In case the terminal in the seaport will delay our barge(s) for more than 24 hours we reserve the right to immedeately switch to another terminal for discharge of the cargo and for account of the cargo.
In most cases we will be able to advise you beforehand of such action but as such delays are often announced during the night or in the weekend we can only advise you of such actions at the earliest convenience in detail.
The above will also mean that the import cargo from the terminal to our inland terminal in question will remain on quay and can be planned for a next sailing.
We also would like to point out again, that we do not guarantee arrival/departure times or nor closings and decline any liability in case of delayed cargo and missed deadlines, demurrage, detention, etc.
We trust to have informed you sufficiently and in case of questions, we kindly request you to contact us through the known channels.